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Wood’s Bespoke Furniture Malvern

Creating Innovative Fitted Furniture For Over Two Decades

Will Wood is a self-employed entrepreneur and multi-skilled tradesman. Over the last twelve years, he has been involved in several projects working in a number of different areas including plastering, carpentry, bricklaying and painting. His client friendly renovations have led to a string of successful ventures in the industry.

Will Wood cut his teeth early on in his career by developing kitchens and bathrooms his hands on approach quickly led him onto larger more commercial projects across the U.K. His initial apprenticeship gave him the opportunity to work alongside a number of large companies.

Will Wood worked as part of the team to renovate the Royal Shakespeare company cottages after they faced sever flood damage. He has worked on churches, hospitals and commercial buildings, adding to his large foray of renovation experience.

historically listed buildings

Will’s work took him abroad to France working with a specialist crew to develop a number of barn and loft conversions. During his time in France, he also had the opportunity of working on a number of traditional châteaux’s, hunting lodges and historically listed buildings, some dated to over two centuries old. The clientele for this work ranged from retirees to London based surveyors and Dutch architects. This experience abroad helped Woods hone his skills and work ethic to become the accomplished tradesman he is today, with the necessary abilities to handle a wide range of problems.

Strong Heritage

Craftsmanship is a family tradition for Will Wood. His grandfather acts as a source of inspiration for the bespoke furniture business. Woods was first introduced to craftsmanship by working alongside his grandfather at an early age; the family tradition has definitely been passed down and refined. With a strong heritage, Woods Bespoke Furniture mixes traditional advice and technique with modern technology and professional practice.

interior refurbishment and kitchen renovation

Once finished with his five-year tenure in France, Woods returned to the U.K and has been based in Worcestershire for the past five years. His private business specialised on interior refurbishment and kitchen renovation. These renovations would often include specially crafted cabinets and furniture incorporated into the overall design. Specific items like wine or herb racks, for example, would be built alongside the renovation as per the client’s wishes. This added attention to detail has helped Woods develop a strong rapport with his clients and some local fame as a successful designer.

bespoke furniture maker

Currently, he has been branching out into more detailed and stand-alone pieces of furniture and art. The woodwork is always taken from sustainable British hardwoods all of which are locally sourced. Timbers are often blended and coloured to add to the unique look of his items. His furniture is finished with polyurethane or wax, which allows for a strong contrast with the vibrant colours selected by the client. The attention to contrast, colours and curves in his furniture adds to the unique bespoke aspect found in Woods Furniture.